Kudos 2 Canines has always been committed to providing quality dog training for you and your family. We specialize in helping you build a stronger bond with your canine family members, and believe that training a dog is a family affair and we welcome everyone to come. We take dogs of all temperaments, ages, and breeds, and know that every dog can benefit from the structure that training provides.
We specialize in Our group classes But do offer other training services.


Kudos canine stroll


Kudos canine stroll is a 30-45 min. One on one session with one of the Kudos crew, going for a walk with you and your pup to work any leash issues you might be having. Whether it be leash reactivity, pulling, intro to new tools, fear issues.


Potty Training 101


Potty training 101
This 45-60 min. Session goes over all that there is to know about potty training and crate training dogs of all ages.


Board and Train


Your dog will stay in Robyn’s home and is treated and worked with like one of my own dogs but even more so. We cater to your wants and needs plus your dog will learn all the basic commands the basic commands such as come, sit/ down stay, leave it, drop it, walking and place. We also solve undesirable behaviors like jumping, barking, rushing through doors, chewing, etc… We also include a go home session and 1-2 follow up sessions after your dog goes home!


Advanced Board and Train


In our advanced Board and Train program you get everything included in the standard board and train program, as well your dog will be ecollar trained at the same time. This tool is very effective for solving behavioral problems, proofing obedience commands and is a dream for off leash reliability! As well we include a go home session and 1-2 follow up sessions to ensure you are confident in your dogs new skills!


10 day in home potty training


Your dog or puppy can come to the trainer’s home to master potty training over 10 days. While there your dog gets started on a potty and food, training schedule to help transition them back into their home. We will also work simple commands and behaviors like sit, down, come, jumping, nipping, and chewing. This program includes a follow up session.


7 day B&T refresher


Your lovely dog can come to our trainers house and will work on basic commands and manners. This program is only open to clients who have done training with us in the past. As always we include at least one follow up session.




If you would like to meet with our staff to see what training program might fit your needs best we offer a one time consultation. The fee is $50, however if you sign up for one of our training programs the same day we will apply the consultation fee to your program. Essentially that makes the consultation free!


In home training session


You can have dog training in the comfort or your own home! One of our trainers will travel to your home to work with you and your dog/s.
1-2 hours per session


Private Training Session


You and your dog can training one on one with us at the training center! Catered to your schedule and wants. We would love to help you get to the next level with your dog!

1-2 hours $75 ea.
2x $140,
3x $210,
4x $280


Do you want a group class?

We have plenty of group classes you can do with your dog!!!

Click here!