D**Kudos Day Camp is closed Sept.12-15.** Robyn started Daycamp to provide socialization for her client's dogs. It has grown into a wonderful place for all dogs. Our Daycamp Attendants work hard to train, build confidence, and have fun with your dogs! A day at Camp consists of play time with dogs and people, walks outside and on the treadmill, nap times and breaks, obstacle courses, and enrichment activities! All dogs are welcome but must be evaluated by Robyn or Daycamp staff before being dropped off. Contact us to talk about your dog attending camp!

A tired dog is a good dog!

Daycamp Guidelines

Your dog's safety and well-being is important above all else! Please go over our rules for your dog and you. We recommend your dog attends Camp only two days a week. Socializing and playing all day is tiring for your dog, even if he loves it! Dogs can get grumpy and frustrated if they are at Camp too often. Talk with Robyn or Daycamp staff if you think your dog wants to come more often! Dogs must wear a collar with I.D. at Camp! This is a very important safety measure. It enables Camp staff to handle your dog and gets them back to you in the event of an escape (we go to great lengths to prevent this). Toys, treats, and food are limited at Camp. If you would like to send lunch with your dog you are welcome to; it will be offered at naptimes. We have toys and treats for those times when it is fun and safe to have them out.

Daycamp hours are 7am to 6pm Tuesday-Friday. Your dog can attend Camp for a full day or a half day. Half day is five hours, any more than that is a full day. Drop-off times are very specific. Please plan for this and do not bring your dog outside of those times. Because of our structured nature, a dog arriving unexpectedly can disrupt our schedule and limit our attendees' experiences. Most dogs are picked up after 3:30pm, however you are welcome to collect your dog at any time.

Drop-off Times: 7-9:30 am + 12-2 pm

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    Please follow our rules:

    All dogs must be on a leash, even if being carried. Although your dog may behave, other dogs may not. This is for everyone’s safety.

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    Do not rile the Camp dogs through the fence or gate. This includes talking excitedly, reaching through the fence, or acknowledging a misbehaving dog.

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    Always allow Daycamp staff to open any gates or doors.

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    When a staff member is bringing your dog out to you, avoid adding to the excitement by using a high or loud voice or allowing them to jump on you. This is a wonderful chance to practice your dog being calm, take advantage!


Vaccinations are required for ALL dogs attending Camp.
Titer tests are accepted.

Kudos is dedicated to your dogs’ health and we follow strict cleaning procedures. There is a risk anywhere you take your dog, just like any time you go out in public. We take all preventative measures available but are not ultimately responsible for illness.

You will always be notified of any minor injury upon pick-up. In case of serious injury or other emergency, your dog will be taken to Advanced Veterinary Care on 3300 S just a couple minutes away.

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