Class Information

At Kudos we understand that all dogs, and people, learn at different paces, which is why our group classes are broken down into 4 levels with different commands and behaviors to learn. We have an open enrollment for each class (start at any time after attending a Kudos intro class or speaking with a trainer); dogs 5 months and up must begin in Level 1 (under 5 mos. will be in puppy class). Our professional trainers will observe and acknowledge when you and your dog have mastered the necessary skills to move up to the next level.


To register for classes please create an account at this link

Your safety and health is of utmost importance to us, and as such,
Due to the increase of COVID cases in Salt Lake County, and out of the consideration of you, our clients, and your health, we will be making some immediate, but temporary, changes to our group classes. These changes will help decrease the amount of dogs and people in our group classes, and hopefully keep our class sizes smaller.

Our normal class packages will no longer be offered. Instead, we will be offering a month to month class package at $100.00 a month. This package is good for 1 dog to attend. All packages previously purchased, or in effect, will be honored.

With this new class package, and in an effort to keep class sizes small, you will only be allowed to attend ONE (1) of the classes offered of your level, per week. All packages currently in effect will be extended by 4-8 weeks to make up for the change in class structure.

No refunds or exchanges will be offered.

Please continue to remain 6ft apart when in the building, and when waiting to enter the building and please keep dogs on a short leash. Masks are Highly encouraged.

The doors to the training room will be locked at 5 minutes past class start time. No Exceptions. Please be on time!

Out and About/Level 4 will continue to be offered as a combined punch pass (10 punches) for $50.00.

As always, dogs adopted from a rescue group or shelter will receive a $10.00 discount up to 3 months after adoption with proof of adoption.

Puppy Level

For dogs 10 weeks to 5 months old. This level is designed to help you and your new puppy get off on the right foot in terms of your bond and relationship! We focus on teaching you the necessary skills to raise a well mannered puppy that is well socialized, unafraid, and attentive. Puppies are very malleable, and as such we want to help shape them in a way that will produce stable adult dogs that thrive, and are wonderful family members.
Puppy Level will go through these things:
– Meeting new people
– Object exposure
– Conditioned relaxation/handling
– Name game
– potty/crate training
– Off leash socialization
– Drop it
– Boundaries/structure
– Jumping
– Importance of play
– Intro to leash
– Play biting/nipping
– Nutrition/grooming
– Sit

Level 1 (5+ months)

All dogs will begin in Level 1, as a way to assess their current level of training. If you have not done any previous training with your dog, this is the level for you! In Level 1 your dog will learn how to pay attention to you whilst there are distractions going on. Our goal in Level 1 is for you to achieve a stronger bond with your dog, and to teach your dog to listen to you amidst low level distractions (other dogs and people).
Level 1 includes:
– Responding to name
– Watch me/it’s your choice
– Sit
– Leash pressure
– Object exposure
– Unwanted behaviors (jumping, digging, barking, etc)
– potty/crate training
– Handling
– Nutrition/grooming
– Proper socialization
– Down

– Level 2 –

Level 1 must be signed off by trainer.
Level 2 is designed to prepare your dog for behaving well in public, not just in your home, as well as continues to perfect the skills learned in Level 1. Level 2 ups the distractions for your dog, as well as introduces several new and important commands.

Level 2 will teach:
– Loose leash walking
– Touch
– Wait
– Stay
– Leave it/ drop it
– It’s your choice
– Over, Under, Through
– Settle
– Tethering
– Come/ Recall

– Level 3 –

Level 2 must be signed off by trainer.
Level 3 introduces the 3 Ds of training – Distance, Duration, and Distraction. We will continue to hone your dog’s skills that they learned in Level 1 and 2, and continue to strengthen your bond with your dog, as well as introduce several new commands.
Level 3 introduces:
– Committed come
– Puppy push ups
– Stand
– Stay with the 3 Ds (Distance, distraction, & duration)
– Wait with distraction
– Place
– Heel position/heel walk

Level 4 – Advanced

Dogs must be signed off on all levels to attend.
Level 4, or Advanced, is our CGC prep class, that reviews weekly the skills your dogs have developed. Since training is a lifelong process, this class is designed to push your dog’s skills, and review things they may be struggling with. This is you and your dog’s jumping off point for therapy and service training.
Advanced reviews everything they have learned previously from the other levels as well as introduces:
– Out of sight stay
– Out of sight place
– Off leash comes
– Off leash leave it
– Heel walk with directions
– Commands from a distance

Out and About

Dogs must be enrolled in a class to attend.
Out and About is a special weekly class that allows you to work with your dog in new, and distracting, public places. Dogs attending level 2 and above are encouraged to attend Out and About. The locations of these classes change weekly, and it is a great way to practice what you and your dog are learning in a public place, with the support of other people who are also learning.